Micro Thong Bikini

A micro thong bikini can often be found on the hot body of a bikini contest girl. It is very small and shows off all of there curves. Finding the right one can help persuade the judges in there decision. The decision is also formed around the girls looks and personality, and in this piece she is almost guranteed to have an outgoing personality. She lets it all hang out and has little to no fear on stage. But where else can you wear a suit like this? I would wear this as a confidene or self esteem booster, in the privacy of my own backyard or on a boating excursion if I wanted to show off a bit.  It is a great piece to wear for minimizing those what can be, hideous tan lines. I try to recommend changing your tops and bottoms to minimize those tan lines as much as possible. Don’t forget a serong, just in case one is needed. You never know when you’ll see a bar off the water that you want to stop at!