String Bikini

The string bikini is¬†typically a minimal coverage suit. A tiny top and an even smaller bottom to match. A great top that would pair a G-String bottom would be a triangle top. Why you ask? You don’t want an uneven fabric combination. Heavy or large amounts of fabric such as the bandeau top and a G-string for a bottom may look off-set. The triangle top will compliment it’s tiny partner. Make sure to use your sunblock. The body is exposed to large amounts of the suns UV-rays and cause your young supple skin to age prematurely and the years it took you to look great in that suit could start to have the reverse effect caused from damage by the sun. A smart beach babe is a sexy beach babe! A hat is always cute, this will give your face added protection you need as well.¬†

Don’t forget your Zinc! Anyone remember the Zinc days? People walking around with purple noses? How funny would that be to see a bikini model walk around with a purple Zinc-ed out nose! Too cute! Seriously though go get your lotion, and I’ll see you at the beach!