Thong Bikini

A bikini thong is most often, when searched for, related to an adult website, reason being is because this minimal amount of fabric screams sexy. Our focus is to actually allow the consumer to find what they are looking for instead of always being navigated to a site that they can’t find out informaion or purchase what they are wanting. On these sites you may find that one thong bikini that you just have to have, but you’ll never be able to find the designer. Thats all about to change. We provide exactly what you are looking for! Narrowing down which cut and color will look great on you is going to be the hard part. 

The thong is different from a string bikini or G-String. The thong has more fabric in the back and is typically an inch or more thicker then the G-String. It also tends to have more coverage in the front too. The thong will always be a talked about piece of swimwear. It’s talked about in the lyrics of songs worn in the videos of popular artist and even worn in fashion shows. You will definitely be on display in this type of swimwear. You make get a few gawks or comments, or even some women shaking there head. Take these as compliments and walk with confidence. It’s important to walk with grace and elegance, in minimal coverage you don’t want to come off as slutty. Keep it sexy, flirty and fun.