Thong Swimwear

Whale Tail ThongThong swimwear can be described many ways. One person may say they wear it to reduce those awful tan lines and the other may slip into one for it’s sex appeal. Whatever the persons reasoning we all know that we just can’t get enough of them. We see them on beaches, boats and bars coupled with a gorgeous bikini bangin’ bod. We don’t care about the reason they put it on we are just happy they did! They are loved and hated, hated by those who can’t wear them or don’t think they should be worn. Loved by those who have the body to pull them off and those who love to watch the girls parade around in them. Those that love to wear them will find the places to wear them. She may just be in the next bikini contest. The type of girl that likes to wear string thong swimwear, is outgoing, flirty and fun, and one can only hope to run into her!